I Got Nothing

I have absolutely nothing to write about these days.

Is it the dreary winter we are experiencing?
I am yearning for spring.

Where were the crocus this year?
I missed them. Did they come and go without saying hi?

Do I really spy a bud of some kind on the tree on the corner or is it just
wishful thinking?

I am so enamored with the extra sunlight these days.

I finally introduced myself to the treadmill and the elliptical machine.
I guess all is not lost.

Lost is on tonight. Something to look forward to!

Florida is in 5 weeks.

I am hoping that my daughter actually won a trip to the Lodge at PW's
and is waiting to surprise me next weekend.

Did I tell you I live in a dreamland most of my waking hours?

Until I have something noteworthy....



Ellen said…
I've got some snow I'd like to share. Are you interested?
Country Girl said…
Wow. Hope your daughter wins that trip. That would be awesome.
And Lost? Wow. I don't even know what to say anymore.
Joyce said…
We all missed you at the tea party and had so much fun. We are planning on another one in April so hope you can come then. Do not worry about the baby and his pants falling as my little Mr. Vundervants has his pants falling off so much we only buy him pants now with elastic:)
Bill S. said…
The groundhog said only five more weeks to go before spring. I don't like him. Good luck.
Tammy said…
I finally caught up on Lost and am excited to see how the series ends! I hope she wins that trip too, I want to hear what the Lodge is like in real life.
Laura ~Peach~ said…
share the crafts :) i love crafts... and when all else fails... Naps are so wonderful :)
Mental P Mama said…
I am right there with ya. Except no trip to Florida. Gah.
Daryl said…
Lost is awesome ... its snow/rain outside .. rain/snow ... sigh ...
Diane said…
I have never watched lost. I feel a bit uninspired in my blogging the last day or so. I really need more time in each day to do the things I love.

That is all.
Chatty Crone said…
We did miss you at the tea. It is getting to be a long winter here in GA. Maybe we will have snow tomorrow. Sandie
Sue said…
Hi Deb...we missed you at the tea on Friday....it was wonderful...and your not seeing things, on my walk today we saw pink buds on a tree...Spring is right around the corner....Sue

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