Waiting for Mommy

waiting for mommy_1

Just last week, Jack and I were sitting on the window seat, looking out the window.  We do this every day beginning at

around 5:15 PM.  Not that the little guy doesn’t have fun with his Grand Pop and Grand Mom, he does.

But nothing brings such joy to a child when Mommy pulls her car in the drive way.  Hearing this little boy squeal with

laughter and excitement melts my heart.  There is nothing better on earth than seeing your child go completely bonkers

when Mommy arrives.


With this photo, I dabbled with a little with a software program called Nero.  I love the canvas effect applied to Jack’s little face.


Daryl said…
He is so sweet .. at first I thought you'd shot through a one of those translucent glass windows .. the effect is interesting ..
Country Girl said…
Adorable, Deb. And how sweet that this is his late afternoon ritual. I remember my sons squealing with delight when I would come to pick them up from day care.

So wonderful.
Joyce said…
Nothing like a Mother's smile and arms to make them Smile with delight. He is so adorable.
Grandma J said…
Jack's getting to be such a big boy!
imom said…
He is so adorable, I just love those curls, and lashes like that shouldn't be allowed on a boy, lol!!
Anonymous said…
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