Invite Chip & Dale

The crisp fall weather has planted me firmly into the season.

I am making soups.



Planning on the holidays before us.

I even have my beef tenderloin in the freezer for my Christmas dinner thanks to a great sale. 

must have

Thanks to all of those great emails I receive, I found these little guy!

Look how adorable they are!!!



Come to me!

I’d buy these if they didn’t do anything, but they serve a purpose.

The are salt and pepper shakers! 

Can cuteness actually harm me?

They are from Pottery Barn and reasonably priced at $24.

My suggestion to you is if you are invited to a grand gathering,

bring these as a hostess gift.

She will love you already, but then again, I’m sure she already loves you!

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!!!


Daryl said…
Adorable and an excellent hostess gift indeed. Happy Fall!
Mental P Mama said…
Too, too cute. So, do you want to come over?
Jann said…
Yes, very cute. They can start an addiction however. I know someone who has over two hundred S & P shaker sets!
Grandma J said…
I've gotta line me up some invites....then refer them to your blog!
TSannie said…
Isn't this time of year just the best?
Country Girl said…
Oh, they are really very cute, Deb. What?! You already have the dinner in the freezer?!! Gah!

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