No Time to Blog!

Haven’t had much time for blogging or visiting my blogging friends this week.  With schedule changes in the home, preparing for my classes (yes, I’m teaching two classes at the local scrapbook/rubber stamp store this month), trying to knit by cheating (I’m using a loom), and the arrival of my grandson’s Christmas stocking project…I have been very busy! 

The cooler weather gets me jump started and I go completely bananas and start running at 100 mph pace.  Why does fall have this affect on people?  Hey, I’m not complaining, I love it. 

Oh, I forgot to add that I finished reading Twilight yes, I know I’m a year off in a rapid pace!  On my nightstand is The Lost Symbol and Julie and Julia which I should spit out in a matter of years!  Yet I forget to mention my sister is sending me the other 3 Twilight books and the very first Diana Gabaldon book. 

Blogging is a great pass time, but sometimes I just have to get away from the computer.  It’s not because I don’t love each and every one of you, but life takes precedent!

I planned on posting a photo of the Christmas stocking kit but there are technical difficulties which should be resolved soon!

Have a great weekend friends!



Daryl said…
Personally I found the second Twilight book poorly written and put it aside (eventually passed it on to someone else) because it was so bad... hope you like it better ..
I LOVED the Twilight series -- every single page and word. I also liked the movie (tho the book is better) and look forward to New Moon coming the week before Thanksgiving. I am also an addict of the HBO series True Blood.

I certainly understand about taking a break from blogging. Rather than feel compelled to come up with something daily, i write when the mood strikes me (which isn;t very often). There is too much else in my life that demands my attention :)
jojo said…
Fall is having the same effect on me...all kinds of energy and running around getting things done. It's really a nice change for me who usually can't get myself up and out to do anything. Hope you are doing well...have a good weekend.
Mental P Mama said…
Enjoy yourself! We'll still be here;)
Joyce said…
Have fun teaching. I have not posted in a week with travel and running all over your area with my daughter house hunting.

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