Cats & Spirits

I am the proud owner of 3 cats Jack (not to be confused with my Jack my grandson), Grace and Will.  Wait a minute.  That is not right at all.  I am the human that these three little kitties own.  Yes, that’s better and much more accurate.  After all, they are my little furry children.  When one meows, I come running.  When Grace yells at me and tells me to follow her, it is because her water dish is near empty or that she can see the bottom of her dish.  No, her dish is not empty but since she feeds from the center of the dish, she creates an empty space.  This makes Grace upset and what else would I do but live to make her life happy so I shake the bowl and the green spot disappears.  All is well in the feline world once again.

Out of my three cats, I think Grace and I are most connected on a woman to woman basis.  Where ever I am, Grace is there by my side.  Every evening, she sits on my lap while I rub her cheeks and softly scratch the top of her head.  Usually, her eyes remain closed as she laps up this one on one attention.  Oddly enough, she will stop and look above me and stare.  It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting on the sofa or lying in bed, she stares for several seconds above my head at the wall.

Many of you know that I am a believer in the things super natural.  You may say whoey, but I disagree!  When Grace stares over my head, I wonder just what family member is there visiting me.  Is it you, Dad?  Or maybe my beloved Grandmother.  Perhaps it is my God Mother, Aunt Nettie.  Who ever you are, just know that your presence comforts me.


Hi Deb! Just stopping by to say Hi! Isn't this weather wonderful? I am waiting for the first frost so I can stop mowing!lol I loved seeing your kitty. Is this Grace? Mine do that, too...stare above me. I like your explanation! Happy weekend...Debbie
Maria said…
Love cats individuality and totally agree with what Grace is looking at.
Country Girl said…
Hmm. Do you think so? You could be right. Animals have that sense. Animals and small children, i think.
TSannie said…
That's neat. A visit from a loved one...
Awww... I have a black & white Tuxedo Cat too. I honestly think they are psychic. Every single night of the world my beloved *Pepper* cat that was murdered by two Dobermans, sits outside scratching the screen door to be let in. The only other being that EVER hears it besides me is Pepper's old buddy, our only pet left. Her name is Trouble and she always looks at me as if to say "WTH? Let her in already." I truly wish I could. I've spent 5 years trying to figure out what makes the scratching on the screen but there is no reason for it, so I know it's Pepper.

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