A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

So, I haven't really been blogging as much as I should these days. Partly because my husband was out of town and all responsibilities fell on my shoulders for the care of the grandson and the MIL.

With the arrival of Jack's Christmas stocking kit, I spent the first three days reading and re-reading the directions. Finally, realizing that I could have written them much clearer for the benefit of all mankind! Truly, these instructions were mind boggling. Sometimes I wonder if they weren't so concerned about writing directions in 14 languages, more time could be spent on writing clearer directions in English! The stocking is almost finished and I will post the photos of my handiwork. I ask that you do not pay close attention to the stitching in the upper left corner of the stocking as it took half of the stocking for me to get the hang of the applique stitch.

Nothing says red like a hibiscus flower! And red will be the color for Saturday as the Georgia Bulldogs meet the Florida Gators in Jacksonville. There will be a great big shindig to celebrate the rivalry. Nothing would make me happier than a great big old win against those nasty Gators! (did ya like the way I tied in that photo...whew! my brain is now empty)

Now, I'm off to finish my GA/FL sign and make 10 little Halloween goodie bags for the party!

Happy Halloween, Ya'll!


Tristan! said…
Is that a Star of Bethlehem hibiscus? It looks just like one I have growing at my new house!
imom said…
That is one gorgeous hibiscus!! Have a great day watching football.
TSannie said…
You are so right! Directions are laughably ridiculous most of the time. It seems they're all written by folks who've learned English as a second language! UGH!

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