Pioneer Woman Comes to Atlanta And I Was There!

Yes, we did! My lovely daughter and I got up at the crack of darkness on December 7th to drive to Borders book store to get the very necessary arm band to see our very own Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. We stood in line for about an hour at 7 am, chatting with the fun women from all over the South. No, I did not bring my camera for the morning event. Do you really want to see me with no makeup? I didn't think so!

Lovely photo of my daughter and Ree, but as for me, well, I always manage to close my eyes for very important photos! Rats!

Considering we only had a 10 minute drive with traffic, our commute was nothing compared to the Tampa Girls. They hit the road the day before and drove 8 hours. Tampa Girls are dedicated blog readers!

With arm band in hand, I left my home at 4:30 to pick up my daughter from work. Tackling the Atlanta traffic, we arrived at our destination at 5:30. PW was to enter the premises at 6:00. We were ready!!

With orange arm bands on our wrists, we were in the very first group in line. As much confusion there was prior to the event, it was very organized once we arrived.

We were a little bored, so we tried to entertain ourselves. Here is our self portrait standing in the Arts section of Borders.

I'm back to using blogspot for posting. I miss Windows Live. I'll just have to post single photos until I get better at this nonsense!
I promise to get back on my daily habit of reading all of my favorite blogs.

Oh, did I mention that we both received a free tee shirt from our best friend Ree! Yep..and it is so very cute. Photos to come.

Until tomorrow, my friends!!!


jojo said…
how freakin' cool is that??!!
Ellen said…
Oh, you are soooo lucky. She was near where I live today, but since we had a houseful of people last night and overnight guests, I just couldn't get there.
Joyce said…
Glad you had a fun time and yes post more photos and tell more. I bet she was the nicest ever! Driving from Tampa is dedication since I would not even drive over at 7AM for a wrist band from Atlanta:)
Jo said…
I'm not familiar with the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.

But may I dare be so bold as to say that you and your daughter look like sisters? What were you -- three years old when you had her? 'Fess up...! *heh*

Laura ~Peach~ said…
i so wanted to come.... but with my besties mom passing and with having to be there at the butt crack of dawn to get the arm band... i knew i was not going to make it... I am so glad you got to go and i have her cookbook and that will work for me :)
Mental P Mama said…
I love these shots! And am a little jealous! Is she nice?
Chatty Crone said…
I read about her in a magazine recently - she sounds interesting. Glad you and your daughter had such a nice time.

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