Feel Good

Last night, I watched Julie and Julia and was glad to have rented it. If you are a blogger, it really should be a must watch, just as if you ever wanted to tour the country in an RV, you really must watch the Robin Williams film, RV!

I particularly loved how the writers melted the two story lines into one beautifully flowing ensemble. There was so much I learned about Julia Child. She married late in life. Worked in China in the '40's. Lived so much of her life over seas and it wasn't until her 40's that found her lot in life. Going to the Le Cordon Bleu against all odds, mastering her culinary skills to outshine even the most skilled male chef.

Feel good movies make you, well, feel good. And what is wrong with that? Warm and fuzzys give us that nice feeling in our tummies. That and a nice martini!

Happy New's Year to my family and friends! I wish you all the very best 2010 you could possible have.



Country Girl said…
Well, I'm glad you liked the movie because it was a good one. I felt Meryl Streep overacted the part a bit, almost as if the Julia Child role was a characterization, but that's just me. Loved Amy Adams in the blogging role.
Meryl Streep is amazing in It's Complicated. Loved that!
Happy New Year, my friend.
Maria said…
Did your husband watch it too, my boss saw it & he said it's not real chic flicky, wondering whether to rent it to watch with my hubby or should I wait to watch it alone or with girlfriends?
Happy New Year to you as well - 2010 is just gonna be the best.
Mental P Mama said…
I love Meryl! You must go see It's Complicated! Happiest of New Year's to you, my friend;)
Tammy said…
I'm very excited to watch that movie!

Happy New Year to you too!
DesertHen said…
It is on my list of "must watch" movies. Hope to see it soon.

Happy New Year! =)
jojo said…
just stopped by to wish you Happy New Year..blessings to you and your family in 2010..jj
Nevadanne said…
Funny you should bring it up...just watched that movie tonight...LOVED it! I liked her much better in this movie than in "It's Complicated". I thought she was awesome! GREAT movie. *Ü*
We watched this flick New Year's eve. Loved it! Meryl Streep is such an expressive actress and totally immersed herself in the role of Julia Child. We are both battling head colds/sinus infections. I hope to get out today to see It's Complicated.

Happy New Year to you and your family, Deb!
What a great post! I'll go see anything with Meryl Streep in it but haven't gotten to see it yet.
Daryl said…
I think my reply was eaten by Google ..

We have been both Its Complicated AND Julie and Julia as well as Crazy Heart .. all winners!

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