Not A Happy Camper

One of my purchases was a new CF card for my camera. For those of you who didn't know what CF stood for, it is compact flash. I didn't know that until my series of mishaps with the CF card.
Rather than go with the same SanDisk I had and in an effort to save $20 bucks, I purchased a Kingston 4GB CF card with the photo of a pretty little lilly on the front.
How cute?

Not so cute after taking photos of my daughter's birthday celebration and this awful error message appeared on the display of my Canon Rebel XTi
"There is a problem with the CF card.
Replace the CF card."

These days, I save every receipt that is placed in my little chubby hands. With receipt in hand, off I go to Fry's to get my money back.

me at Fry's: hi, i would like to return my CF card for a refund.
Fry's person: Sure, do you have the original packaging?
me: no, but here's my receipt.
Fry's: I can only give you another CF card without the original packaging.
me: well, that sucks. what if this one goes bad again?
Fry's: I'm sure it won't. Go get another one and I'll swap it out for you.
Swap completed and I put the new CF card in my hand.

Christmas day, I took photos like a maniac. Careful not to lose my photos again, I quickly downloaded them to the PC.

Yesterday, I felt the urge to take some artsy fartsy photos of candlelight. Just when I took all the photos I wanted guess what happened.


"There is a problem with the CF card.
Replace the CF card."

I am warning you now Fry's that I will not settle for another piece of crap
CF card from Kingston. I want and will get my money back.

Consider yourselves warned!!!!


That stinks... I hope you got your money back!
Your experience is my greatest nightmare! I'm so sorry it happened not only once, but twice. I have never purchased anything other than SanDisk. I will learn from your experience to accept no less.

Be sure to check out the Creative Scrap Design blog for photos of the December class...looking forward to seeing you again in a couple weeks :)
Country Girl said…
I use SanDisk. Had not heard of this problem until now.
Grandma J said…
So sorry you had problems with your CF card(s). Maybe you should go back to Sandisk.
Mental P Mama said…
Gah! I hope they are ready for you!
Daryl said…
Is it possible that your photo resolution is so high you can only get so many shots on a card and the error message is really letting you know the card is full vs its busted?

Just wondering.
Chatty Crone said…
Oh my gosh - I'd love to know what happened! sandie (good luck)
Tammy said…
That is so frustrating! I hope you get it resolved!

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