Hanukkah Memory Box

Many of you know that I have created lovely little Christmas boxes. 

I pride myself in the fact that these were of my creations.

Imagine how honored I was when a friend of my sister’s asked me

if I would create 4 Hanukkah boxes to give as presents.


Well, I completed my project on Sunday and shipped the order to New Jersey promptly on Monday.

I didn’t want to post these before my customer receives them because I want her to be surprised.


I was very concerned not to create something that would be impropriate.

IMG_3878 Let me share with you that I am very nervous that she won’t  be totally



Keeping my fingers…


toes, arms and legs all crossed. 


What’s next?  Well, thoughts are racing through my head in designing something for Valentine’s Day.

Got any suggestions for me???


imom said…
Deb, she is going to love those! You are so talented.
Joyce said…
Those are so pretty and they are going to make her SMILE!
Mental P Mama said…
They are absolutely beautiful!
I think the boxes are gorgeous! Well done.
Daryl said…
Well as a Jew I can tell you there is nothing there that is in any way inappropriate and where did you send them, I may have to rush over and steal it before she opens her mail!
Diane said…
They are fabulous! You do such beautiful work!
jojo said…
those are gorgeous, I wish I would have thought to ask you to make some for me...my new DIL is Jewish and I would love to give her one...
Chatty Crone said…
Oh my gosh - yet another talented and gifted artist! Will there be no stop to all you wonderful crafters?

I had no idea you did those boxes. I have a Jewish friend and he would LOVE them.

They are totally, totally awesome.
Chatty Crone said…
This is a second try at a comment so if it posts twice I'm sorry.

I said oh my gosh - is there no end to all these talented crafters I have been getting the pleasure of blogging with?

I had no idea you did boxes. They are awesome. I have a Jewish friend and I am sure he would like them.

Man - you are so gifted!
Country Girl said…
These are perfect, Deb. I think she'll be pleasantly surprised!
Anonymous said…
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gericonnor said…
These arrived and I have to say, and not because you are my sister, they are beautiful!! Absolutely, beautiful!! When I opened the box, I was taken back. I'm not kidding. I feel like I am related to greatness or something. I am very proud to deliver these to my friend. (You should have put your Little Bee insignia on them).
gerilabors said…
Hey Sis, I just made my own blog spot.... picture only, but getting there.
Sue said…
Oh don't worry she will be very delighted...they are wonderful, your very talented....and your Thanksgiving dinner looked pretty good too...Jack really looked like he enjoyed himself!...

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