Christmas is Over...

Christmas is over. The goose that was once fat is now a small facsimile of itself. I am relieved. Presents once wrapped have left our home and only the wrinkled paper remains in the trash. The food that I stressed over, cooked with love and prepared with the utmost care, is now long gone.
If I had it to do over again, I would not change one thing, except perhaps, to include my mom, sister and her family to be with us to celebrate the day.

I've come to realize that a holiday will never meet the expectations one has in ones mind. I try to channel my Martha Stewart but I discovered that there are more important things in life.

This year, I made a few Christmas presents. One present that I was particularly proud of was a scrapbook of my daughter for my son in law before he met her. When he opened the book, there was a slight smile upon his face as he read my inscription to him. Flipping through the scrapbook, he came upon a photo of my daughter in her senior year of high school.
He looked up at her and said "I would totally have hit on you in high school if I knew you!"

Mission accomplished.
And I smiled with pride.


Mental P Mama said…
W00t! Wonderful gift! How cute is that? I just finished off a cup of turkey and brown rice soup and a hot piece of cornbread. Hitting the hot epsom salted tub. Then bed. It's been a looooong week. Hugs!
Country Girl said…
I know what you mean about it all being over. A little bit of a let down?
Go see "It's Complicated". Immediately. Prepare to laugh, because you will.
Oh, and as long as we're sharing what we've just eaten (apparently) I have just been very bad and ate the leftover linguine w/clam sauce that was in the frig. Oh, that's not so bad you say . . . well, this was after 3 Christmas cookies. I think I need to mention that little fact.
TSannie said…
That is too sweet - and I bet your daughter grinned from ear to ear!
Chatty Crone said…
That book was a wonderful idea - that I may steal next year for my DIL. When my son asked her to marry him I dug some old ones out of him and sent them to her - she liked that.

I too learned that once you drop the expectations of things - life starts to get easier.
Bill S. said…
Homemade presents are the best. I made chairs and tables for all my kids.
Jo said…
Aw.... what a sweet post. And yes, I think we all put too much work into it, but it's well worth it. It's only once a year.

I love handmade gifts. My daughter made me a gorgeous one-of-a-kind scarf, which is a work of art, and I treasure it. I know your son-in-law will treasure his album, and your daughter will too.


Daryl said…

We had a lot going on ... what did I eat last nite... a hunk of cheddar cheese, some grapes and a nice piece of sour dough bread... and a cup of coffee ... and we watched Crazy Heart a friend lend us a screener DVD .. its awesome
I have started giving scrap books to family members too. It seems to be the perfect gift and something they can't get anywhere else. Since I love photography, it is a gift I enjoy making.
Diane said…
I wish I'd had time to make presents this year. I love your idea!

I don't want to talk about how much I ate!
Tammy said…
That, my friend, is why we scrapbook! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.

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