Philippe Is Missing!

Over the last two weeks, I have turned the toy boxes upside down.  Searched behind furniture.  Moved the sofa.  Checked the drawers of the end tables.  Between the cushions of the sofa, check.  Turned the recliners upside down.  Behind the fireplace screen, nope.  Checked all drawers and cabinets that are eye level to Jack.  Nothing.

And then, I started all over again.  Checked and rechecked until my knees were sore.  Philippe was gone!

handy manny  

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these tools above, let me introduce you to Handy Manny, a Disney Channel cartoon for little ones.  Manny is bi-lingual and owns a fix it shop.  He lives in Sheetrock Hills and has lots of friends. 

Let me introduce you to the tools.  First on the left, is Philippe, Rusty, Tap, Squeeze, Turner, Dusty and Stretch.  Philippe was missing for several weeks now.  Yet this morning, Jack opened his toy box and pulled out Philippe!  I kid you not!  How did I miss this….

Hmmm…I wonder if his mother discretely placed Philippe into the toy box this morning. 

Update:  now Dusty the saw is missing.  This drives me completely and utterly INSANE!!!!!!! 


Such cute names for's a never ending battle trying to find those pesky little toys, huh?
Daryl said…
I assume Philippe is a screwdriver? And Dusty is now wherever Philippe was .. since he will turn up, stop fretting
Grandma J said…
Jack knows his stuff, and like most men, probably doesn't want you messing with his tools.
Sue said…
Hi Deb...Oh the ramblings of a Grandma....we lost Baby Cookie Monster when we were up in Jersey...You think the world came to an end...Have you checked out our new blog yet...didn't remember if I sent you the's interactive...if you have a stupid story we will post it....
to submit a story you can e-mail
Country Girl said…
Rule #1 with toys that come in groups:

Someone will always be missing.

You simply cannot control groups of toys. You need to realize this and come to terms. Take it from someone who tried to keep the entire Fisher Price Schoolbus full of students. Never again!!!
Jamie Payne said…
Jameson used to LOVE Handy Manny! Ayden had the entire Bob the Builder tool set w/tool belt and was forever missing a piece or two. Anything that comes in set that is supposed to stay together now goes in it's own clear plastic storage container. I'm OCD like that:)
Erika said…
I did nothing of the sort! But I'm glad he's back from vacation!
imom said…
When I did day care I found missing toys in the strangest places. Kids are an adventure.

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