Lots of Nothing

It's rained so very much these past 10 days that the ground is soaked and the rivers are budging. Trees are falling due to the over saturated ground.
The rain is interfering with Internet connections. Our provider has an abnormally long wait for support. If there is any satisfaction, I know we are not alone.
Perhaps it is the rain that is causing my MIL's temperament to go completely off the walls. Now that she's feeling better after her hospital stay, her overall attitude is less than downright nasty. Deep down, I know it's not her but the disease, but honestly, she is more than 2 people can handle.
This post may be short and not at all sweet, I write fast as I race the Internet!
Tomorrow will be another day. God willing!


Country Girl said…
I hope things improve for you soon. That much rain can dampen the spirits of even the happiest of people. You need a stronger shield against those harsh words and uncivility. It's not enough knowing she doesn't mean it.
Mental P Mama said…
All that rain would dampen the hardiest of spirits. I'm there with you...and I wish I was literally. Hugs.
jojo said…
Soon the rains will start here and it will be a looong stretch until spring...always makes me a little sad. You are such an inspiration to me...I just wanted you to know...thinking of you..;p
Jann said…
I wish I could do more than say how sorry I am for the difficulty with your MIL and her disease. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you both.
Jamie Payne said…
Yesterday was definitely draining with the continued rain. Thanks for the funny comments on my facebook page...you added humor to an otherwise dismal commute. I see breaks in the clouds this morning and the sun is trying to make an appearance. Hopefully this will lighten your MIL's mood and you'll have a much better day. Your strength is inspiring!

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