It's My Sister's Birthday Today

Born in 1959 on the 16th of September in Oak Lawn, Illinois,
my sister, Gerianne,
celebrates her 50th birthday.

Geri is the most wonderful sister any woman could ask for.
She is kind, gentle, funny, most loving, intelligent and caring.
To celebrate her birthday today,
I created 50 individual birthday cards, each one unique,
just like my sister.
Happy Birthday, Baby Sister!!!
I love you so much!


Maria said…
Happy Birthday Geri
imom said…
Very nice tribute Deb! Happy Birthday Geri!
Mental P Mama said…
Happy, happy birthday beautiful Geri! I'm closing in on you!
Grandma J said…
Happy Birthday to you sister. She is blessed to have you!!
Mental P Mama said…
Eureka! That's what the news crew was about!
Daryl said…
Happy Birthday Geri! .. and 50 cards .. neat .. I am sure each was as special as she is a sister!
Anonymous said…
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