Merging the Generation Gap

Little Jack met his paternal great grandmother for the first time last week. My mother-in-law, Jane, will be 85 years old this September and resides in La Fayette Nursing home. She is originally from The Netherlands, yes, she is a little old Dutch lady. She suffers from Alzheimer and although she remembers many things, her short term memory is very fragile. Often, when my pregnant daughter and son-in-law visited her, she would tell her grand daughter that she was getting so fat! Erika would say, "Oma, I'm having a baby." My mother-in-law would look at her with her bright, glistening eyes and say "Really?".
Being a new mom, Erika made sure to ask her pediatrician if it would be safe to take little Jack to the nursing home which is why he was just introduced at 4 1/2 weeks old.
Today, we visited Mom in the nursing home. Her first comment was "Where is the little boy? He is so cute!". Suddenly, she began to look on her recliner for a little stuffed animal she wanted Jack to have. "Mom, where did you get this from? Did you go shopping?". She nodded her head and said confirmed that she shopped for Jack.
Although these photos don't show much of Jack, you can see the love in Great Grandmother's eyes. It is with these photos that you can, indeed, see love bridge the generations.


Jamie Payne said…
I'm not sure if it's my raging hormones, but your post brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful moment for everyone.
Chere said…
Oh what picture to cherish. They are beautiful. Baby Jack is such a lucky little boy to have so many people to love him. Happy 4th of July baby Jack.
Unlike Jamie, I can't blame my tears on raging hormones. This is such a touching story and the photos are ones you and baby Jack will cherish forever. This is beautiful, Deb!

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