Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Friday ...

* When did my husband start falling asleep at 8:00?
* TV sucks on Friday night, guess that's why everyone goes out
* Come on people, Atlanta barely received a millimeter of ice, what's the problem with the news?
* Yes, I made my appointment for my mammogram's Tuesday, wish me luck!
* I really dislike Sharktank.
* Who knew Catfishing had nothing to do with fish?
* I think I can read my cat's mind. He thinks I'm cool.
* Whenever I'm on the upward side of being sick, I want fried rice.


Country Girl said...

My husband has been falling asleep at 8 PM for years.
And my cat doesn't think anyone but her is cool. My dog loves me, though!

Glad you're feeling better.

Daryl said...

good to see you ... Toonman usually falls asleep by 8:30 .. and Friday nights lack of anything to watch is solved by watching shows we recorded earlier in the week - shows that air at 10 pm - because i am in bed falling asleep by 10 .. said...

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