Happy Super Bowl Sunday

Now,of I could figure out how to import my photos from my iPad, I could have posted an appropriate photo.

As for the game, I really don't like either teams, if I had to pick one....giants


jojo said…
well you chose a winner...I didn't even watch this year, must be getting older or something but it just doesn't seem like fun anymore. Have a good week, nice to see you post!
Mental P Mama said…
It was the best game! Ever!
Daryl Edelstein said…
Go to your photos on iPad, click on a photo .. now look at the top right side of the 'tool bar' there are options: Edit, Slideshow, then there's an arrow in a rectangle box .. let the menu drop down there are options .. one of which is EMAIL the photo .. thats how you get your pix from iPad to computer to post ..

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