Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ode To Spring

My new blog design is my personal Ode to Spring.

Do you like it?

Happy Birthday to by beautiful niece, Stephanie as she gets one year closer to the big 3 0.  I love, love, love you!

Since this is an Ambien induced post tonight, who knows what I will say.  But I think I found the place where our next home will be.  Although it is in the same town that we live in now, it is about 5 miles from here and has a very New England look to the neighborhood.  The townhouse is off of Mt. Vernon (alas my ode to Thomas Jefferson).  I think I'm in love.

My Journey With Weight Watchers

On January 2, 2011, myself, along with probably several million people, decided to do something about my weight and join Weight Watchers.

I know, you are probably saying it was a New Year's Resolution, but honestly, I tried very hard not to use those words, but rather convince myself that this is changing bad habits into good habits.  And besides, has anyone seen Jennifer Hudson?  I mean, OM Gosh, she is stunning.  She is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.  Eat your heart out Simon Cowell!

By now, I would have expected to have dropped 20 plus pounds, but the new Points Plus program is a slow and steady approach to weight loss.  Yes, I am the scrappy little turtle who goes to meeting every single week.  I'm down 5% of my body weight so far.  A great accomplishment, yes it is!

On my journey, I will post some funny stories, embarrassing moments (really?  did I just say that) and posting pics along with way.

I have a few pieces of clothing in my closet that will be photo worthy.  Like my size 16 Gap jeans and the little Jones of New York summer dress, straight fitting, that will definitely make the blog.  Just letting you know that I may not be able to breathe nor sit down in these clothes, but you can be pretty sure I'll share!

Along my journey, my lovely daughter is joining me.  This makes me happy because it is always better with more bodies.  My friend, Lynn, is on the program too, and much farther along.  Overall, I plan on being a success story.

Thanks Jennifer for the inspiration and of course, thanks to my leader, Sissy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do You Talk To God?

Do you find yourself talking to God when alone in your car?
Or showering?
Standing in your closet?
Or just sitting outside on the deck, listening to the birds sing?

God do you listen?
God to you hear me?

Sometimes I think it takes you a while
After I have my little talk with You.

I realize that because there are 8 billion people on this earth and 
I have no idea what number I am on your list.

But when I asked you for some good news regarding 
my husband's health, you sent me a sign today.
A glimmer of hope.

Thanks, God.  

You do listen to me.