What’s On Your Shelf to Read?

Do you have a collection of your favorite books close by to draw from at will?  I think we all have our favorites.  I discovered that if I really love an author, I will buy all his or her books in hard cover.  Once a hard cover novelist, always a hard cover novelist.  There are exceptions to this rule, although somewhat ambiguous.  But I’ll get to that later.  Let’s discuss my selection of authors.



First of all, those of you that know me, know that I tend to lean a little to the left, politically speaking, of course.  There is no explanation that I can think of as to why Deliver Us From Evil by Sean Hannity is in my bookcase.  Perhaps I fainted at the bookstore and this book broke my fall.  Honestly, I wanted to give Sean a try, however, since I attest his talk show, my mind wasn’t completely open.

Next…Dr Oz!  How could anyone not love Dr. Oz?  My sister gave me this book.  Honestly, I don’t think I opened….yet…optimum word is yet.   Shh…don’t tell her.

Catherine Colter….Riptide…read it.  Loved it.  Staying on my shelf.

Nichols Evans…The Horse Whisper…OMG!  Loved it.  Will read it again some day when I have exhausted all other books here.  Hated the movie, but I often do when I read a book. 

James Patterson/Peter De Jonge…Beach Road and Beach House…not what I expected.

And then there is Beach Music by Pat Conroy.  How could anyone not love this masterpiece?  The story so intriguing, so descriptive.  My plans are to read this again and maybe talk my book club into reading it next month.

During the David Baldacci phase, I inhaled anything he wrote.  While enjoying the three on my shelf, I have gone on to other reads.

Once upon a time, I devoured Dean Koontz books until Intensity.  This book took terror to a totally new level for me.  I bailed out on page 91 or 94 when the little girl hid in the back of the killer’s RV.  At that time, we did not own an RV, but I cannot tell you how many nights I spent in the RV trying to sleep but the memories of that terrifying book did me in.  As a result, I banned myself from anymore Dean Koontz books.

Currently, I am reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen for book club.  Intrigued by the first few chapters,  I am already enjoying it, much to my surprise.

What’s on your book shelf? 


Mental P Mama said…
I am reading a biography on Abe Lincoln. Fantastic;)
Anonymous said…
I have so many books on my "to read" list. I'm going to do a post like this on my blog. I love the idea! You don't mind if I "bloglift"? I've looked at Water for Elephants at the library a bunch of time, but never picked it up. I'm curious to know how you like it.

Love Pat Conroy! I also liked The Horse Whisperer the book, not so much the movie... Although you gotta love Robert Redford and the scenery was beautiful!

Great post Deb!
Pam said…
What a great post! I like to read so many types of books - used to love Stephen King, but lately he's lost something. I was fascinated by the Twilight series - have you read those yet? There is nothing as entertaining as a good book - even a mediocre book is better than nothing!
Sue said…
On my book shelves...anything and everything..we are Book-Aholics..My personal favorites..I have all 1st. editions signed Sue Grafton books.Every one from A on up....
Jeannelle said…
Right now its Matthew Pearl.....read "The Poe Shadow" and am now in "The Dante Club".
Chere said…
I love any thing by Patricia Cromwell. Her series about the medical examiner, Kay Scrapetta. I would send Kay a Christmas card if I could. Love it.

Deb, I have some scrap supplies I am trying to find a home for. Can you use any of the following, free to a good home: black QK binders with pages inside, Sizzix storage towers or a 12X12 paper tower. 13X13 maybe 4 feet tall. Let me know.
Hi Deb...I hate to hear that about Dean Koontz! I used to read all of his boooks as they came out because I knew I never had to worry... no main character would die and I wouldn't be too scared. Now I only seem to read books where the people eat out all the time or they are in France...like Peter Mayle's books! lol Looking forward to March 2nd!!...Debbie
Anonymous said…
I am the one who suggested Intensity to you.... I still say you should finish it, the title says it all. I also recommended Beach Music, so my recommendations do leave an impression. You should try Gregg Isles, excellant author....
Deb said…
I know that...I definetely know that.

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