It is April of  2019. The year that marks my 65th trip around the sun. 

Somehow, I always knew that I would make this landmark. There was never a doubt in my mind.

The first 65 years have been trouble free. Moderate medical issues. One simple surgery in 2017. 

This year will also mark 47 years of marriage to one man. Give me a standing O now, please! It’s incredible to recognize that I’ve know this man for almost 50 years. I don’t regret one single day. Not one.  Sure, there have been times that were filled with questions and struggles. But there have been so many more days that we’re fun filled, raising our two perfect children, living the life of suburbia, two working parents doing their best.

Usually, I like to make a big deal about my birthdays. Especially after the surprise party when I was seven years old.  See, my parents were getting divorced at the time of my 7th birthday, Enter my Uncle Frank and Aunt Evelyn to the rescue.  Major distraction to get me out of the house for several hours only to return to a house filled with

It was magical. 

They remembered. 

I was special.

Now I am older and wiser, I prefer a dinner out with my family. Nothing fancy. Good food and I want to see my loved ones beaming faces.


Someone once told me if Easter fell on your birthday it meant you were going to heaven. 
Easter will fall on my 65th Birthday this year. 
I wonder who was that someone?


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